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SEEBOARD Energy - Capped Price

SEEBOARD, formerly the South Eastern Electricity Board (SEEB), was a British electricity company.

In 1990, the Area Electricity Boards were changed to independent Regional Electricity Companies.

SEEBOARD was later bought by EDF Energy and merged with London Energy and SWEB (South Western Energy Board) Energy as EDF Energy, the UK branch of EDF. The SEEBOARD brand was eventually discontinued in 2006 along with the London and SWEB Energy brands.

Under the Online Capped Price Offer, prices are capped for a set period. This means the price you pay for your energy will not exceed the capped price. However, your monthly bill may vary depending on how much energy you use. If ScottishPower's standard prices drop below the capped prices, then the capped prices will also drop to the same amount.

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