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Finding a great deal on your household bills is simple with  If you want to know more about the all the UK’s gas and electricity suppliers and their tariffs, read on.

EdF Energy - Capped Price

EDF Energy pledges to match the electricity you use with the equivalent amount of renewable electricity. For example, if you use 5,000 kWh of electricity a year, EdF promises to buy at least that much renewable electricity during that year. Dual fuel discount of £4.20 per year per fuel.

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EdF (Electricité de France) is the French state owned electricity company, and the group supplies gas and electricity to the whole of the UK. EdF has grown by buying a number of UK energy brands including London Energy, Seeboard Energy, Sweb Energy and Virgin Energy.

Overall, they have a good service rating as they have fairly low levels of complaints as recorded by energywatch coupled with a 24 hour call centre and a relatively broad service offering.

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