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Business energy costs 'pushed up by inefficient boilers' - 02/09/2013

Companies may be paying far more for their business electricity bills than they need to as a result of operating inefficient boilers.

This is the finding of a new report from ENER-G Controls, which described the typical business's boiler as "unintelligent", explaining it will often fire up unnecessarily and therefore add extra costs to a company's energy bill.

Steve Berry, general manager for ENER-G Controls, stated that the firm has found business energy costs can be more than 30 per cent higher than they should be, which is likely to make a major difference for organisations that are struggling due to the testing financial climate.

Mr Berry explained that business electricity bills end up being inflated as a firm's boiler reheats water that is already sufficiently heated and the excess heat is wasted up the boiler flue. He added: "This is commonly called dry-cycling and can add more than 30 per cent to the cost of an organisation's heating bill."

He pointed out that more than a third of UK business energy consumption is made up from heating and hot water, so it is important companies make sure their boilers are not costing them more than they ought to be paying for their electricity.

"Boiler control is one of the quickest and easiest ways an organisation can reduce energy bills and make energy savings to comply with environmental targets on carbon reduction," said Mr Berry, who explained that depending on the size of the system involved, typical payback on investment will take 12 to 24 month.

One firm taking action to make its boiler more efficient is Taurus Crafts, which is located near Lydney. The organisation currently spends around £36,000 on gas and electricity every year and is aiming to cut this amount by installing a new biomass boiler.

Matt Williams, senior business energy adviser at Severn Wye Energy Agency, explained the body carried out an audit for the company and told the Gloucestershire Echo a switch to low-energy lighting has already started to make a difference to its bills.

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