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Bristol council rolls out efficient lighting - 23/07/2013

Bristol City Council is to cut its business energy bill by as much as £500,000 thanks to the rollout of new energy efficient street lighting.

It is in the middle of swapping out old high-pressure sodium lamps for ceramic metal halide lamps and has already switched 8,000 streetlights over to the new technology, Business Green reports.

The new bulbs, manufactured by GE Lighting, give off a light that is close to daylight and improve security and driver reaction times.

Switching lighting is part of a wider carbon reduction scheme put in place by the local authority, which aims to reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent between 2005 and 2020.

It intends to change a further 12,000 bulbs over the next 18 months and principal lighting officer at Bristol City Council Robbie Park said the result of the scheme, which is being run in conjunction with other energy reduction projects, is "astounding".

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