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Benefits of Home Emergency and Heating Insurance

Why take out insurance to protect against central heating breakdown or home emergencies?

Taking out insurance with is simple and can save you a lot of money.

No one wants to be left without adequate heating in the winter.  Insurance will give you peace of mind, ensuring that you receive a rapid response to problems and that repair costs are covered by a known fee.  The same benefits of rapid response and known costs apply to other areas of home emergency cover.

If you are not currently insured, the benefits are clear.  If you do currently have heating or home emergency insurance you may be able to save between £50-£150 per year, or £250-£750 over the next 5 years by switching to a cheaper supplier with

Are there any hidden surcharges or costs in using

No, there are absolutely no hidden surcharges or costs.  You see the best available rates from a range of suppliers and you choose which one you would like to sign up with.

What is the difference between Heating and Home Emergency Insurance?

There are two broad types of insurance that you can purchase:

Home emergency policies that cover not just heating and hot water but also electrics, plumbing, drains,broken windows, lost keys, vermin, wasps nests, and more. (NB. Heating is not generally covered in the summer as it is not deemed an emergency).

2) Traditional heating insurance that covers you all year round for just heating and hot water breakdowns.

What does each policy cover me / my house for?

For more information about what is and isn't covered, please read the detailed description by clicking on the supplier and policy name.  There you will find a description of the company, cost details, policy details and at the bottom of the page a link through to the full terms and conditions can be found.

Are there any policy restrictions?

As with most insurance policies there are policy restrictions that may be applicable to you. Please use the Supplier and Policy Terms and Conditions links that will describe any policy restrictions.

What happens if I want to leave my current cover?

If you sign up for a contract you will need to talk to your current insurer first to find how to cancel your current contract.

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