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Heating oil customers 'should buy now' - 27/09/2012

Households that rely on domestic heating oil have been advised to buy now and avoid rising winter prices.

Community oil scheme welcomes new members - 07/09/2012

Homeowners in Wiltshire that rely on heating fuel to power their property have been encouraged to join a new community scheme that could save them money.

Avoid storing large quantities of heating oil, homeowners advised - 30/08/2012

Homeowners that are planning to bulk-buy heating oil from energy suppliers have been advised to ensure they store it safely.

OFT launches heating oil price rule changes - 30/07/2012

The latest announcement from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) may be welcomed by heating insurance customers, as it brings good news for households that rely on heating oil.

Summer is the ideal time to service boilers, households advised - 27/06/2012

Homeowners looking to switch energy suppliers to keep their bills down this winter may want to start thinking about having their boiler serviced.

Home emergency complaints rise - 26/04/2012

The number of people unhappy with the service they get from their home emergency protection policies, which may include heat cover, has grown.

Homeowners 'need to consider heating options carefully' - 03/04/2012

Individuals looking to get cheap energy by upgrading their central heating systems have been advised to think carefully about the solutions they opt for.

British Gas criticised over boiler repair costs - 26/03/2012

Individuals looking to compare energy tariffs and heat cover options may consider shopping around to ensure they are getting the best deals, after it was alleged one energy supplier is overcharging for parts.

Regular boiler servicing 'an essential maintenance task' - 29/02/2012

People looking to ensure they can get cheap gas and avoid claiming on their heat cover policy need to have their boiler serviced regularly, it has been stated.

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